It is often said that you don’t choose the pearl, the pearl chooses you. There are five virtues to a pearl and they are size, shape, colour, surface and lustre. Here are some tips on how to choose pearls for yourself or a loved one. Whatever your preference you should always look for excellence in surface and lustre – the two most important characteristics. Size, shape and colour are a matter of personal choice and reflect individual style and personality.

There are many choices to be made when shopping for a pearl. Many love the perfection of a beautiful pure white, round Australian South Sea Cultured Pearls. These are the most sought after pearls in the world. Or if you prefer something a little bit different, an odd shaped Keshi pearl might be for you. Keshi Pearls are as close as we get to natural pearl from the farm environment. These very individual pearls are usually irregular in shape and are priced by weight as opposed to size.

These stunning pearls all come with their own unique colour, shape and lustre so you can be sure the beautiful pearl that you choose is your special one of a kind.

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